I'll give him reason for a long remorse.

Welcome to Lysistrata’s Oath

Who the hell is Lysistrata, you ask?

This front page will contain a more full explanation of Lysistrata, what the oath is all about, and what this site is all about sometime in the next couple of days. For now, please do your own homework while I set things up around here.

Wikipedia has a synopsis. Google is always helpful.

The play is free to download to your Kindle or Kindle App from Amazon because it’s old as fuck and we’ve been dealing with this bullshit for FAR TOO LONG. You can likely find it elsewhere on the internet if you hate Amazon. A post dedicated to discussing the play and its concepts specifically will be up soon.


Please note: This is a safe space, but it will not always be a comfortable space. Where content and trigger warnings are needed, they will be noted at the top of individual posts. Discussion of posts is welcome and encouraged, but will also be moderated. Attacks of any kind will be deleted. Racism and sexism are absolutely not tolerated. Where discussions get difficult, Lysistrata will step in to help guide and educate if necessary and possible. This isn’t the comments section of some shitty news story on Facebook. Behave yourselves and respect each other. We are, after all, in this together.

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(And go take some time for a little self-care. You probably need it as bad as I do right now.)